Not just a name change – it’s a GAME CHANGE!

— 6 December 2016


The appointment of Rob Johnson as the CEO of VERTIV, the new name of Emerson Network Power, will bring change of seismic proportions to the datacenter industry. From its formation in 1981, APC was truly innovative bringing Smart-UPS, PowerChute, the Symmetra rack-mounted scalable UPS, ISX (the complete datacenter in rack form), the Megawatt UPS, InRow Cooling using 300mm vertical cooling units, Hot-Aisle containment, DCIM with InfraStruxure Manager etc. into the datacenter arena. The list is almost endless. APC bought my company, Tecnikon, in 2003 ( and Rob Johnson became my boss. He was the best boss I ever had. He was prepared to take risks (as he did in buying my company), and would take full responsibility if things went wrong. Which they never did. He delegated, encouraging the “… better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission” philosophy, while at the same time keeping his entire team focussed and aligned towards a single goal. He was always quick to praise, even for the smallest thing, boosting everyone’s confidence and drive to achieve more. A true inspiration. A great call by Platinum Equity. Knowing Rob this will not simply be case of moving the furniture around. This is a start-up, and Vertiv’s competitors should be very afraid. Our industry is about to change. For the better.