DCP Announces Initiative to Attract More Women to the Datacenter Industry

— 12 June 2016

It’s National Women in Engineering Day in the UK on 23rd June and the UK Daily Telegraph is publishing a feature on the same day naming the Top 50 Women in Engineering. Not just for the datacenter industry of course, but a step in the right direction. So please visit the website http://www.nwed.org.uk/ and show your support.

In parallel Datacenterpeople has announced a number of new initiatives, including working with universities to encourage more women to study engineering, to support the gender imbalance, and details will be announced later this year. In the meantime women with experience in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, Construction Project Management or indeed any datacenter-related skill, are being invited to send their resumes/cv’s to info@datacenterpeople.org where the first 100 to make it onto the DCP database will receive an exclusive “Datacenters are not just for boys” T shirt.