Be afraid…..

— 25 February 2016

It’s 4.30 am and I can’t sleep. I’m terrified by the inexorable growth of a new phenomenon – the data center expert. Am I alone in noticing this? They are breeding faster than the Zika virus and I’m getting scared. Maybe it’s part of a cunning new terrorist plot to destroy the world’s IT systems. I have this image of the CEO of Globalbank addressing his employees…..”I’m calling you all here to this meeting of galacticos to announce that we are going to redesign and rebuild our entire network of data centers. I believe that there is someone among you who has the expertise, knowledge, and brilliant mind to lead this effort. Will Spartacus please step forward”. I think you know the rest. Mind you, we have made it easy. Go to Linkedin and click on the link to join the “Global data center experts” and that’s it. You’ve made it.
Hold it. I’ve just had a brilliant idea. I’m going to set up a new professional body. “The Institute of Galactic Data Center Experts”. All you need to do is send me fifty quid. Eat your heart out Bill Gates.