Tech UK to debate Datacenter Skills Shortage

— 2 December 2015

We hear frequently that the technology sector is rapidly running out of people with relevant technical skills; that in 20 years 80% of our data centre engineers will be retired and that 80% of the technical data centre jobs that will need to be filled by then do not yet exist. Whilst 80% seems a suspiciously convenient figure to use, it is abundantly clear that there is an acute shortage of technical staff within the industry and that the problem looks likely to get worse rather than better.

Tech UK will debate this issue on 2nd December to provide an overview of the current situation, an analysis of how things may play out over the next decade and some thoughts on the implications for operators. We will also look at some of the initiatives undertaken by the industry to tackle this problem, and explore the role of government programmes aimed at increasing the number of appropriately skilled individuals entering the industry and improving the level of technical and other STEM skills available in the market. We also make reference to techUK’s big picture skills report: We’re just not doing enough published in July 2015.

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