The daily grind

— 26 August 2015

I’ve just started to read a new book. “The Future of Work” by Jacob Morgan. It’s about the tenth book I’ve started this year and haven’t finished any of them yet. But this caught my eye. The author postulates that many organisations today are in trouble because the world around them is changing while they remain stagnant. Given that our datacenter world is changing faster than most then bells started ringing in my head. This book is about adapting to that change. Morgan reckons that we spend a large portion of our lives thinking about, worrying about and stressing about work. Certainly true in my case. Even thought the average working week should be around 40 hours, many still work 60, 60 or even 70 hours a week. He says that when most people think about work they typically think about four things – employees, organisations, managers and technology. But they don’t really consider what these words mean. He says that he looked up the synonyms for some of these words and found that we are all servants undertaking daily drudgery for a superior in a corporation. On that basis life doesn’t sound all that great. Anyhow, I’ll persevere with the book and trust that I’ll find some light at the end of the tunnell. I’ll let you know.