Taking Time Off in an Always On World

— 5 August 2015

I hate going on holiday. Really. But if it’s a case of go or get a divorce then I guess the former will win every time. Marginally. Either way I feel terribly guilty. It’s a choice between either letting the family down or your work colleagues. Although for some, the latter may be blessed relief. In any case, whichever segment of our wonderful industry you work in – Design & Build, Power & Cooling, IT & Networks, Cloud, Management, Operations etc., things need to be kept running (and improving) twenty-four hours each and every day. So how can anyone ever take a holiday? Especially those trying to find and place exceptional industry talent for our clients (LOL). Fortunately there are not many places on the planet where the internet can’t be accessed. Sunshine’s bar on Pinneys Beach in the tiny Caribbean island of Nevis has a better internet connection than I do at home. And right now it’s much drier! But packing for your holiday now involves laptops, iPads, phones, chargers, cables etc. Forgetting your budgie smugglers is no longer a major catastrophe. Forgetting you laptop charger is a disaster. Ever tried to buy a replacement? It can, and does, take over half of your holiday. I can’t believe how many different connectors exist. Even from the same manufacturer. So given that I’m due leave these wet shores on Friday, I’m going to be in a state of paranoia all week. My “to get done before Friday” list gets long and longer. I’ve had to move into the spare room at home because I keep waking up and adding things to the list. And worrying that my house might float away while I’m away. I hate holidays. All I’ve got to look forward to is sunshine, rum, sailing, rum, golf, rum, good food, beer, more rum…. Er, wait a minute. Maybe it’s not so bad after all.

Mmmm. On reflection perhaps I might pack the budgie smugglers and forget the charger after all.